Focus Diesel

I saw a video on Youtube of people in Europe driving a Ford Focus Diesel. Bring the diesel engine to the USA!
Hand T 05/15/2013
Give us the choice to buy a fuel efficient diesel, American built by an American company. Volkswagen has proven the public acceptance with its TDI line of cars.
Perci 11/07/2012
My question is how long does VW have to sell the crap out of diesel cars in this country before Ford realizes people will buy them? I mean obviously GM is paying attention. They will be offering a diesel Cruze next year.
Come on Ford give us what we want. Just do a search on google for "Ford Focus diesel" and see how many people want them. Why should Europeans be the only ones allowed to enjoy awesome fuel economy and diesel power and torque?
Michael W 10/09/2012
ford needs 2 relise that they need a high performance diese enigen 4 cars and trucks lets face it mursadies bends has diesels in there cars so dose bmw if we want ford 2 b number 1 ford beter start making ideas 4 diesle cars
David G 09/30/2012
Not only do I 110% agree with you, why just stop at the Focus?? Why not a Diesel versions of other vehicles?

My $0.02 is that unlike Europe (who is devoted to diesel, for various reasons I won't go in to much), It seems Ford (and most/many of the car co.s) are devoted to hybrid tech in the US. I've been asking for Diesels for 14+ years already! One of my SUVs (not Ford product, but was a division of Ford when I bought it!) is a V8, but was offered as a diesel in the Europe. I get 12mpg, they (Europeans with a Diesel) get up to 28mpg IN THE SAME VEHICLE! I don't get the fascination with hybrid & electric tech in the US. Diesel is PROVEN technology, cheaper to produce, and current with Euro-5 emissions a Diesel sold in Europe should pass US emissions without a problem? I don't get why the American car co.s are so against Diesels? VW, BMW, Mercedes are selling them and the diesel equipped vehicles have ALL SURPASSED their sales figures. With modern diesel technology, you can get a gas (i.e. petrol) performing car, but get twice as many mpg (or maybe even more). Lastly, when you mention diesels to many Americans, (like I do to my mother) they have this idea in their head and memories of Diesels from the 1980s that are "spewing" lots of black smoke from their tailpipe or a pick-up type diesel. I think hybrids are being pushed here (in the US) because of gov funding, most Americans (and Europeans too) like tech and think a hybrid (and electric) is somewhat "sexy" (in the tech sense) and are not educated enough on diesels. I spent plenty of time with various diesel vehicles in Europe and MANY/MOST are so quiet & smooth, I would of had no idea I was driving a diesel unless the rental agreement next to me said TDi on it.! FORD: PLEASE BRING A DIESEL HERE & DO A MARKETING TEST! PLEASE! I wish you knew how many VW Jetta Wagons I see with the TDi badge on the back! A similar sized & priced vehicle WOULD DO WELL HERE, I PROMISE YOU! I'D BET MY CAR ON IT!
Roger W 09/13/2012
A new class-leading diesel engine that delivers 83.1mpg is avalable in the UK Focus.
Its innovative 1.6 litre 105PS Duratorq TDCi diesel engine has helped make the new Focus the most fuel-efficient car in its class, achieving 83.1mpg. So you can look forward to rock bottom running costs. The engine also delivers class-leading CO2 emissions of just 88g/km. Both figures are due to a vast number of technical improvements, including a completely redesigned fuel injection system and turbocharger. Why isn't it available in the US?