Flex V8? For the 4dr Mustang People

First I like the look of the 2013 Flex. The Ford emblem is gone from the grille. The name Flex on hood. I don't know if a V8 would fix. I think even car or truck should have a V8 option. A V8 Flex with Baby Moon's, tinted glass.

Arquibus 02/25/2013
Build a sport model with a V8 that has a similar architecture as the old SHO V8 from the late nineties. Put wood trim on the sides. Call it a Country Squire. Profit.
Greg E 06/05/2012
My wife would agree about the removal of the ford emblem. She loves Fords, but for some reason hates the blue emblem. But I disagree with the V-8. With the power of today's V-6's and the low RPM torque of the turbo, the V-8 isn't needed for all vehicles (still prefer a V-8 in my F150 though). I would like to see a "middle" engine in the Flex. Basically a Flex Sport similar to the Edge Sport with the 3.7L and those awesome wheels from the Edge Sport. i would love the AWD eco-boost, but at $40K it is out of my price range.