Flex Fuel Performance

I am no fuel engineer but I think Ford should look into this. Flex Fuel vehicles are vehicles able to use up to E85 Fuel. Now E85 is getting popular with performance. E85 octane ratings are around 96-105 Octane. Now you need a Flex fuel delivery system in the fuel system of the car. Why not Produce the Mustang with a Flex Fuel 5.0 or bigger engine? That way it can actually run and benefit from running E85 for the octane should you find a pump that has it. Any thoughts out there?
RJH 09/26/2013
Flex fuel performance would be a bi-fueled F150 with the eco-boost v-6 engine.  With the turbochargers and high compression that is already built into this engine, it is the perfect engine to take advantage of the extremely high octane rating of propane.  Also, with the advantage of variable boost it could squeeze the mileage out of propane where most bi-fueled vehicles cannot.  I am waiting for the aftermarket to start building propane fogger systems for this engine.  It would increase the octane & thus performance (through timing and additional boost) while the vehicle is under load.  The potential for this engine is awsome!