Flagship Expedition

By Bay S.

Ford need to revive it's flagship, Expedition, increase performance and value for me, 1) by adding a V6 turbo-diesel. 350 hp 550 lbs-ft. All the competition who's added a diesel have increased it's sales, increased gas mileage (target 20 city 30 hywy), 2) please add a little padded leather to the doors, dash, soften edge for that warmer strong feeling like a huge log cabin fire place, 3) Take 500-1000 lbs out of the vehicle, 4) Take 10-20 lbs out of the wheels and tires to reduce un-sprung weight, 5) Design in more anti-dive during braking to give driver a more secure feeling, flatter feeling during braking, rather than tipping over feeling, 6) Don't worry about the diesel stations, the travel-link, Costco and many supermarket gas stations carry diesel! I am a loyal Ford buyer, still own my 1956 Thunderbird with portal hardtop and 2007 Expedition Eddie Bauer. When are you going to cater to my performance needs rather than the no-money speed junkies! Regain 10K in sales is $500 million annual sales with $100 million profit! Increase sales 20K is $1 billion in turn over and $200 million in profit!
I like the Expedition, but basing at $40K and gettin 20mpg seems out of touch to me.