Finish Line-Up Revamp

By M P.

Ford is doing some great work with the new Fusion and making Lincoln it's actual own brand. However, there are still some products that need to make the leap soon. The Expedition is horribly dated and needs to be re-done ASAP. The Flex is an unnecessary vehicle altogether, and needs to be discontinued. Not to mention, it's a horribly unattractive vehicle that not a lot of people even consider purchasing. The Mustang is incredibly behind the times in terms of fit and finish of the interior, powertrains, and mechanics. The 2015 model can't come soon enough. Thankfully, the stale, overdone "retro" theme will be gone, and Ford will be better for it. Also, introducing a Fusion coupe to compete with the Accord and Altima coupes would be great. However, this might end up competing with the Mustang, so it might not be for the best.
Colleen D 01/14/2013
I love the idea of a Fusion coupe i think Ford is missing out in the coupe market only offering a 4 door version
Zach P 01/02/2013
I agree with the flex bit, either overhaul that monstrosity, or get rid of it entirely and give us the focus and fusion wagon variants in its place.