Fiesta ST coupe, turbo diesel 4WD

I think the title says it all, but if I could combine all of my favorite features into one car, that would be it: a 3-door, light weight, turbo diesel compact with 4WD. Even considering the lack of top-end power of a diesel compared to a gas engine, it would be a blast to drive!

Please consider that compact performance car enthusiasts who grew up in the '90s are coming to age, have money, and many want to spend it in the US.

Another practical thing to consider, gentlemen: modern girls are way more likely to be impressed by a cute little "green" performance ride than a muscle car held over from the '70s. Sorry, Ford, but the sooner you accept it, the sooner you can start gaining market share!
Shawn M 08/09/2013
I'm with you Jon. With the idea of a New Turbo Diesel 4wd!
Jon Evans 08/03/2013
I cannot get Ford to make a Fiesta 3 Door or a Focus 3-Door if my life depended on it.  For me, Four-Doors are just plain stupid.