Fiesta ST 3-door

By M J.

Dear Ford product planners:

Please, please bring the Fiesta ST 3-door to the U.S. when it debuts next year. I'll be buying a new car in the next year or so, and would like to purchase a Ford product. I've bought 3 1/2 new Fords in my life ( 88 Mustang, 93 Probe, 04 Mazda 6, 07 Mustang ), and currently drive an 06 Honda Civic coupe as my daily driver. If a car like like the Fiesta ( in a 3-door ) was available, I wouldn't have purchased the Civic, as my only 2 or 3 door option from Ford was the Mustang. While the last generation Focus was available as a 2 door coupe, there was no performance option available.

I believe that a 3 door performance Fiesta ST would be a nice option for those who'd like to drive a small hatch with performance and economy. It looks great in the current spy shots, and the performance should be stellar. There are many of us who don't want a 5 door version as our only option for the Fiesta ST, and I wouldn't consider purchasing a 5 door Fiesta. While the upcoming Focus ST looks like it'll be a great ride, I'd prefer a coupe/3 door version.

I hope you consider bringing us the 3 door Fiesta ST. The minute you announce it's availability in the U.S., my deposit will immediately follow. Thanks for listening.
Tim 05/29/2013
Dear Ford USA,

I also am in line for a new Fiesta ST if they will offer a 3 door. Ford, are you listening? US buyers want a 3 door. It simply can't be that much of an issue to bring US buyers a 3 door Fiesta ST. You could offer the regular Fiesta in 3 door trim as well to spread what little 'cost' of building the 3 door for the US market would create. Seriously Ford, you've done so many things right lately and are on a roll - don't drop the ball now.
Brandon H 04/05/2013
I would buy the 3 door in a heart beat. You guys really should team up with Cosworth USA and build a Fiesta Cosworth, or at least get around to building that Focus Cosworth Concept.
Ryan 03/12/2013
I'd go this weekend to a dealership if Ford started selling the 3 door Fiesta in the United States.
Mark S 03/10/2013
I've pretty much given up on Ford bringing/building any more 3drs here. For so many years I've bought only new Fords and used ones. I've decided I'll turn to VW as they are about the only ones left making a 3dr for us. In fact just bought a brand new TDI Golf in 3drs. I would have instantly traded in on a 3dr ST but I guess that's not going to happen now.
So long from a former diehard Ford buyer
Neil 02/10/2013
KJS 02/08/2013
Would absolutely consider the 3 door ST but not the four door version
I own a 2002 Focus SVT heavily reworked over past decade.. I really LOVE the car, but, would buy a new Fiesta ST IF A 3-DOOR was available.... 5-door is a family car!! 3-door is a pocket rocket.. c'mon Ford. make a 64-year old HAPPY!!
walker r 12/24/2012
I like because it looks like Ken Block ford fiesta rally car. I would not buy the five door st it not a performance car to me and a family man is not going to buy the car
Zach 12/11/2012
As this car undoubtedly is targeted to the 16-30 age group, It makes absolutely no business sense to not offer this as a 3 door, the 3 door looks better, and to be honest, as a college student, I have no needs for a 5 door hatch, a 3 door would suit me perfectly. I will be coming out of college and landing my first real job around the time this car launches, I am a bit of a gearhead, and this car's match between performance, size, and economy would be perfect for me as a 3 door, however I wouldn't even consider it as a 5-door. Ford, you are limiting sales by not offering a 3 door fiesta, or fiesta ST. This is a car for YOUNG PEOPLE! not for people with families!!!
warren priest 12/08/2012
bring the 3 door Fiesta st to the USA
kevin 11/29/2012
3 DOOR FIESTA ST a 5 door just isnt a performance car..
Michael B 09/18/2012
Ford us tall people need some love too! I was at my local Ford dealer last week to look at the Fiesta. I banged my shoulder on the b-pillar and my head on the roof trying to get in. I'm 6'4" and fit fine in my 2002 SVT focus because of the larger door opening. I'm waiting on a 3-dr focus or Fiesta before I purchase. I already have a Mustang but like a smaller car for in town driving.
Bob 09/07/2012
I would like to se it also, I've seen Ken Block having fun in a 3 door Fiesta, guys if you have'nt seen it, it's wicked, built with balls, a 600hp, 0 to 60 in 1.6 sec, and it looks like it is ALL WHEEL DRIVE. Now that would be awesome, but if you made one that was a turbo 1.6, I would buy one, right now I'm looking at the Focus ST, I wish they would make that in a 3 door, but either one I am buying,
Tom 07/23/2012
A three door Fiesta ST would be the right car for me. An affordable For diwth good gas mileage, performance handling and 180HP from a 1.6T would do the job. I am single and don't need a big five door yet.
Ron M 04/08/2012
I don't think I could say it any better than this:

"I believe that a 3 door performance Fiesta ST would be a nice option for those who'd like to drive a small hatch with performance and economy. There are many of us who don't want a 5 door version as our only option for the Fiesta ST, and I wouldn't consider purchasing a 5 door Fiesta."

Bring the 3-door to the USA! :-)
Russ 02/10/2012
I will trade my VW Golf if they make a Fiesta ST 3dr for the US, but not if they only make a 5 door.
Patrick Collins 06/03/2011
At an auto show last year I asked a Ford rep about the 3 door Fiesta and the answer he gave to me was that since the take rate for two door Focus at the time was only 10% they were not even going to bother. Ford has eliminated all two door vehicles from their North American lineup save the Mustang and it looks like its going to be that way for a good whiie. I drive an Accord coupe because I am a big guy and it's far easier to get into than anything Ford has. I could easily slip into a 3 door Fiesta (I can easily drive a Cobalt coupe!) and I would definatley consider buying one if it were available but I dont believe Ford wants to add another body style to its production lines here. The 3 door is the best looking Fiesta by far. Bring it over from Europe as is (with the fog lights, not the chrome bits that the US version has) and sell it as the ST and also as a diesel. Since both versions would be higher end models tthey should pay for themselves.
Patrick Collins 06/03/2011
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