Fiesta RS/SVT

By Matt J.

Take your very light and nimble Fiesta, Ecoboost to 240+HP, limited slip and tune the suspension for sport. Either send me an email when its ready or I will send you pictures of mine built with parts from the FRPP website.
Aaron K 04/06/2012
Agreed 100% Focus RS w/ Ecoboost motor, independent rear suspension, recaro seats, and Limited Slip Differential. I WILL buy if you build it Ford!!!
and keep the weight low, possibly ofered with out all the creture comforts as standard remember when you could choose your own options think mk 1 gti , escort cosworth , the great cars we never got here
Joseph Delaney 01/18/2011
I second this.
Keith Faler 01/14/2011
please bring in the Fiesta ST to the US....