Fiesta 1.0

I think you should offer the 1.0 Ecoboost on the Titanium trim level as well and with 6-speed auto. I bet you would sell more. I like the idea of the 1.0, but would want more loaded trim level.
K G 04/03/2014
I would definately buy the Fiesta EcoBoost 1.0L manual transmission if it were available in the Titanium trim.  I hope Ford will make that available!
K G 04/03/2014
I would like to buy the 1L ecoboost engine in the titanium trim. This is available in the UK. Please bring it to the US.
Dan P 02/07/2014
Dear Ford - I own a 2011 Fiesta sfe Hatchback, and I would have spent more on a loaded up ses-sfe had one been available at the time.  The same is true now.  I would add that I don't understand why the 1.6L SFE requires an automatic while the 1.0 sfe requires a clutch.  That seems odd.P.S. I can't write ses for sfe in all caps because your comment-parser won't allow it.  That's silly.