Ferrari killer Ford GT

Simply bring back the Ford GT and put those european and asian cars back in their place.
Jeff L 04/08/2013
If it was only that easy...
David F 04/08/2013
I couldn't have said it better myself!
The 05/06 Ford GT looks tougher than the Dodge Viper!
dominic p 04/07/2013
That's a great idea. As a matter of fact keeping the Thunderbird to compete with the Corvette would have been the best thing to do. Ford didn't do that so now Camaro is going to the Corvette parts bin and is starting to kick Mustang's ASS! (Meanwhile, Ford is going to China to build major components, manual transmissions, for the Muustangs. HOW CHEAP IS THAT!!!) Bring the GT, Thunderbird or an all new exotic back to the line up so you can compete not only with the Corvette and Viper, but with the rest of the world. And don't build a cheap chinese vehicle either. Make it a true American exotic.