As lovely as the new Fusion looks and as capable as the Taurus SHO is, myself, and all the motoring enthusiasts and press that I know find it to be a very sad thing that one cannot buy a RWD V8 sedan from Ford in the USA. We want the Falcon.
Phil B 10/12/2012
I have e-mailed Ford on this before. The Falcon is the best looking car Ford has. Since the Falcon and the Fusion are now similar why not make the Fusion a rear drive v-8. Shouldn't take too much engineering to do that since Ford Austrailia already did it.
Jason P 10/10/2012
Mustangs are my love, but I can't use one as a family car. I'm like that guy on the nissan commercial who just bought a 370Z and now has a baby on the way. He stretches his G37 coupe into a G37 sedan and looks pleased. This is what I want to do with a mustang but the taurus SHO is a joke.
I can't believe I've been doing it, but I've been cross shopping the CTS-V (!) as a replacement for my mustang since Ford doesn't make/sell in America :( a rear drive sedan that's as exciting as the CTS/3-Series/C-Series. The only cars I've owned my entire life have both been mustangs and I really WANT to stay in the Ford family. I've ben trying to import a falcon myself, but regulations have made it far too expensive when I can just bite the bullet and buy a CTS-V with a 6 speed manual and 3 pedals. I finally have the funds now that I'm not a high schooler (1989 GT 5.0 Hatch) or a college student (2000 GT Coupe) to get a new car and the Falcon would be it for sure.
David G 09/30/2012
Its been brought up many times. I just brought it up in a recent post. SHO aside, the Falcon comes in at minimum 6 versions, a base with an inline-6 to a turbo charged 6 version (the V8 doesn't seem to be made anymore) that will compete with the SHO, M5 or other performance 4-doors.

I was never really told WHY we can't or don't get it. Especially since GM re branded the Holden and brought it over as the Pontiac GTO & G8 (and now re-branded again as a police cruiser

I was told a LHD (Left Hand Drive) version would take took much engineering. I don't buy it! It seems like a great platform and if Ford wants a LHD version, they certainly have the money to engineer it!
Sal P 09/28/2012
I would love to see the Falcon over in America i would buy it in a hear tbeat