Factory Overhaul

My 2004 F150 XLT is nearly at 180,000 miles and it's been well-taken care of. But I'd be willing to pay a good amount of money to have it town down to its component parts so that they may be cleaned, refurbished, and/or replaced. But I don't want a non-Ford trained specialist to do it nor do I want to leave it at the dealership for weeks.

I'd like to take it to a Ford factory where the engineers that designed it can work with specially trained mechanics to evaluate its actual performance versus the design performance, and overhaul it so that it has another 200,000 miles of life.

This overhauling could be tiered: $5000 for a 50% tear-down, $7500 for a 75% tear-down, $10,000 for a 100% tear-down.