F250-F450 ZF 6-speed

By Josh W.

Hey Ford i post over 50 times on here, Can you PLEASE reoffer the ZF 6-speed Manual OD tranny back in the late 2012 n 2013 F250-F750, No one wants a automatic now, the ZF 6-speed OD Manual is better equipped with the 6.7 PowerStroke V8 Diesel where it belongs its better then the 6-speed Selectshift Auto , Ford We need it back it help reduces Purchase pricing Easier , helps with fuel economy better MPG with the ZF 6-speed, also cheaper on maintenace n repairs , Makes the driver more alert n control of truck at all times less distractions , No Way Im going dodge cause Ford is my Brand n Im a die hard Ford Loyal fan n customer , So Ford reoffer the ZF 6-speed manual again you make more money on the Super Duty trucks with the ZF 6-speed speed manual transmission back into the F250 , F350 n F450 Trucks Super Duty are to have 6-speed OD Manuals ,Why can't a farmer or trucker have one in his truck! As long as the diesels in cars or trucks there will ALWAYS BE manuals So Please do this for US there is a HIGH DEMAND , you die hard Super Duty/ ZF 6-speed fan Josh " Red SuperDuty " Woermke
KB 08/27/2014
My F250 6 speed was stolen, now in the market for a new truck and have considered Dodge just because of the tranny. Ford needs to put the hogleg back in their trucks.
jw 01/06/2014
please bring them backneeding a new truck,dont want to go to dodge.
jeremy b 11/24/2013
I have a 09 f350 6.4 with a 6speed manual. over drive gear is out but I am not interested with a truck with an automatic.
Derek 11/06/2013
Im looking right now at buying a Dodge...I've had great luck with my F250's...but I need the manual tranny.
El Campo 05/04/2013
Agreed. I have a 2000 F350 with a 7.3 and a 6 speed and have pulled literally millions of pounds of cargo as well as went 4 wheeling many many times. Never have touched the transmission or clutch even!!! And the truck has 300,000 miles. Yes that is written correctly. THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND.
Doug 02/15/2013
Amen, I have a 2003 f150 5spd... 145,000 miles. Only buy Fords. I want a new f250 or a 4 dr 150... But only if I can get a new manual. I've actually held off buying a new truck.. Because there is no manual option. Bring back the manual trucks and I'm all in.
edd 01/05/2013
EDD I own a 1999 f350. had it since new. 7.3 motor and zf 6speed. Now has 183k, and i want to buy new. However i will not buy anything but ford, where are the sticks shifts? The gt500 comes only in a stick, wonder why?
Base 12/25/2012
I want too buy a new 2013or 2014 ford f-250 diesel But only if it comes with a maual transmission.if ford does offer manual. Im going too have too go with dodge. And i really dont want too do that. Thanks base
Lewis C 12/08/2012
yes, please do reoffer the 6 speeds, i hate autos and im only 16! Vermont country folk love manual diesels! we need them back so we can get back to buying fords and not dodges!!!
frank 10/26/2012
manual 8 speed would be nice
Zachary 08/21/2012
The manual transmission should always be and option in any truck it's the best for most pulling situations I absolutely refuse to own an automatic I have a 5 speed ranger at the moment and am in progress of buying a 6 speed powerstrokes
dusty 07/09/2012
We bought gag gag 18 dodge 3500's and 4500's this year because of the manual transmission. there are areas where automatics dont cut it, driving on ice.... hit the clutch truck straightens out. towing on dirt roads norther CA or in the moutain states, logging operations, farming etc we alls till use them jsut because the masses demand leather seats and quiet interiors there is still your core market that consumes manual tranny's we all quit buying them for 6-7 years because teh 6.0L and the 6.4L had NO low end torque and we horrible to drive with a stick
Nestor R 07/01/2012
Maybe if you all actually bought the F-150s with the manual transmissions, Ford wouldn't have done away with it in the first place.
Warren P 07/01/2012
I totally agree! Bring back the manual.
Mike 05/22/2012
I will only buy a F150 that has a manual box in it. I will be buying something else because Ford has forgotten to take their heads out of their backsides
Justin 05/18/2012
Please offer the manual trans/manual 4x4 engage on your lariat w/6.7. This is the only reason we are considering dodge for our 2012 purchase. Thanks
steve 05/09/2012
Unfortunately Ford no longer cares about building a truck for those of us that actually use them and work on them. I will be keeping my 02 F250 Lariat w/ 6 speed and manual transfer case for a while longer until I finally accept the fact that I will have to buy a Dodge to get the options I want.
Austin F 05/06/2012
Not offering the 6 speed manual box will cost Ford my sale on a new F250 scorpion. No auto box (especially in Ford's history...let me tell you about my F550 and F350 experiences) will last as long as a manual. "Manual mode" is a joke, automatics are more complex and less reliable, adding electronics doesn't make them better.

So what are you at Ford going to do? You have my word.
Austin Ford
Josh Z 05/05/2012
Scott can you reoffer the ZF 6-speed ONLY with the 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel thats what I request n I will help with people who really want a super duty like me with budgets , Manuals help the purchase prices cause the autos are expensve so I request the zf 6-speed only reoffer on the diesel engine
Johnny O 05/05/2012
Scott, tell them to offer the ZF 6 speed manual. Nuff said!!
Josh Z 05/05/2012
OK Scott I will still buy a super duty but can you try to reoffer the ZF 6speed in the Ford Superduty in 2013 -2014 superduty thanks Josh also I will still support you
Josh Z 05/04/2012
Scott , Tell the truck team this :manuals are better on trucks because they have a granny gear or 1st gear for pulling heavy loads. And also gets better gas mileage.So the is you proof the is demand for the ZF 6-speed back in the FSeries truck F250-550 can you reoffer the ZF 6-speed Only in the 6.7 Diesels Only if you reoffer
Josh Z 05/04/2012
Hey Scott its Josh Im from Canada n us Canadians love our manual tranmission so I requested if you guys make the ZF 6-speed manual for the Super Duty thats are shipped to Canada ? Auto matics dont cut for me the ZF 6-speed does .Scott if you n the truck team come up with the first prototype 2013 Ford F350 dually diesel ZF 6-speed Manual i would love to test drive it for you n I know personally there is still a demand for manuals in the super duty so you guys need to know right ? Peope are texting, talking , eating , drink with a automatic n they put people lives on the line, So the shift shift is better for trucks n diesel engine, can you guys make a ZF 6-speed Manual Ford F250-450 Diesel? I would test drive for you guys n tell you if there is a demand or not Thanks Josh
Josh Z 05/04/2012
Scott m thanks for responding but I really want the ZF 6-speed back in the superduty cause its funner to drive with n it helps with fuel economy , cheap on maintenace , etc. Since i stoop up for the ZF 6-speed , I deserve one myself what do you think? Scott M can you guys try to see if the ZF 6-speed manual would work with the 6.2 gas engine n the 6.7 Powerstroke, as long as there diesel engine there will be stick shift also Scott M since the ranger was the last stick truck ,us ford Fseries truck should offer the ZF 6-speed Again cause you never know also Scott M if you guys make a a prototype ZF 6-speed Manual Ford F350 Dually Super Duty then I can drive it n show to my freinds n family , Scott I perfer the ZF 6-speed over the automatic anytime, Most people want the ZF 6-speed back but they go to Dodge for it, So Scott can you try to reoffer the ZF 6-speed Only with the 6.7 Powestroke thats all i request .Josh
Scott M 05/04/2012
Josh, thanks so much for your continued passion and patience. I checked with our Trucks team and here's what they had to say:

"We no longer offer manual transmissions in F-Series trucks because demand for manual transmissions has fallen to very low levels while at the same time we’ve improved the robustness and fuel efficiency of our automatic transmissions. For example, the 6R140 six-speed automatic transmission for F-Series Super Duty® can be paired with either our 6.2L V8 gas engine or our available 6.7L V8 Power Stroke® Diesel. One of its smart features is a manual shift mode that allows drivers to select the exact gear they desire, as long as they don’t go over redline. The gear select display in the instrument cluster shows the selected gear, and the transmission control system will lock the torque converter and hold that gear for a full manual transmission feel. Manual transmissions are still available for the Ford Fiesta, Focus and Fusion cars and F-650 and F-750 medium-duty trucks."
Josh W 04/18/2012
FORD Please WAKE UP! n reoffer the ZF 6-speed back in the ford Super Duty