As over the years f150 has changed motors from 4.6 and 5.4 to 4 new motors well Ford needs to reconsdier about the new trucks In my opinion Ford should bring out 7 motors on these 3 vehicle line ups with all 6 speed or 12 speed optional this should be engine line up  3.5 ecoboost diseal ,4.9 V8 gas or diseal next the 5.0 gas v8 or diseal , the best motor in my opinion the 5.4 this should have gas , diseal , ecoboost then the 6.2 diseal or gas oh yea almost forgot we need the roush pick up truck,lightning,harley,raptor,foose to be supercharged no ecoboost v6 or wat ever one more thing tell the ford f150 chief director to get his head out of his green fuel economy butt and build so real dam trucks with some real v8 power to beat gm and other truck competiors its not about mpg to truck people its about towing power racing tug war and jobs we need to be the best powerful truck with a v8 not v6 thats for asians