F150 with V6 Diesel engine

By Mike R.

If Ford wants to OWN the 1/2 Ton Truck market you would build the F150 with a High Output V6 Diesel engine that can get 25+ MPG. If European car makers can mass produce fuel effcient diesel engines why can't Ford? I love my truck but I've had to go back to driving a car since I can't afford the gas at 14 MPG. Good luck.
James B 01/02/2013
Great idea but would rather have the new 5 cyl power stroke in it coming in the new vans
T.G. 12/27/2012
i want a F-150 with a diesel engine! we have put off purchasing a truck because we don't pay for the gas. but if an F150 had a diesel engine we'd definitely be in the market!
John 12/08/2012
What about a collaboration with Mazda using their new Skyactiv diesel technology? Excellent output and economy, lower manufacturing costs, and lighter weight would put Ford at an advantage (check out Mazda's Skyactiv website). The current 2.2L inline 4 is a bit undersized for this application, and Ford would have to "ruggedize" things a bit - but what about a 3.3L inline or V"-6, or 4.4L V-8 version?
Michael B 11/06/2012
I agree. It would boost 1/2 ton truck sale for them. Also I would like to see them putting a straight axle on the 4x4 again. I sorry but IFS is week. This is coming from an automotive technician.
Peter G 10/24/2012
I wholeheartedly agree. I also parked my 02 F-150 years ago when gas went to $ 3.50 / gallon. I now commute in a corolla and save the truck for towing the boat on weekends. I recently test drove the Eco Boost F-150. It really has no MPG advantage. I would buy a diesel F-150 in an instant.