F150 with small turbo diesel

By Whit G.

Ford would move even more F150's if they would offer a 2.5 liter turbo diesel engine with 150 + horse power and 275+ ft-lb torque.  It would get almost 30 mpg highway and there are methods available now to meet epa exhaust requirements. Ford has plenty of these engines in Europe, the ones they ran in British cabs.
I've got a 2006 Jeep Liberty with a 2.8 liter turbo diesel and 5 speed automatic. I've gotten 35 mpg out of it and it can tow anything.
There is a large group of people that need pickups for work and a little turbodiesel would be just right.
Chris R 10/03/2013
That is a great idea and thing it is about time that the f150 to get a diesel engine!
och 09/20/2013
my pick up just drive for fun not much hauling havey i need save fuel but i dont like smoll cars or smoll pickups
salah eddine t 08/31/2013
it may be a good idea to take the AJD-V6 used on the land rovers with 250hp/270hp and 440 lb.ft of torque and put it in the F-150 and see what the engine can do, rest in peace N/A engines the ecoboost V6 for the power and the diesel V6 for the torque
David W 08/28/2013
More turbo diesels please.