F150 Unibody

By Greg S.

I think there are some great advantages that could be gained by moving the next F150 to a semi-unibody platform. The cab and front end would be entirely unibody construction to increase mpg's, torsional stiffness, and reduce NVH. A frame then could be attached to the back of the cab and under the rear section of the cab to support the rearend and bed assembly that would have a more traditional construction. Goal should be max fuel economy and comfort. Keep a 8,500 pound towing rating and get mpg's up to 30 to 32 unloaded.
Robert W 11/02/2013
Welp, just answered my question, ill be buying a 2014 and have to switch to another manufacturer next time i'm rdy to upgrade
Ryan R 10/27/2013
This is a truck not a car. The fully boxed frame proves to be strong while riding just fine. I will sacrifice mpgs for towing capcity. If I want 30 mpgs i will drive a fusion. If I want to tow get a body on frame f-150.
Jake S 08/06/2012
The Problem would be overall durability and weight distribution. Don't forget that the unibody frame part wouldn't be able to properly and safely support the traditional frame when loaded with 2000lbs or towing fifth wheels and other larger trailers. Don't forget snowplowing. Maybe this could work as new Ranger or Sport trac.