F150 Rear Differential Options

By Ryan P.

Ford prides themselves on offering the most configurations of the F150, yet they limit you to which gears you can have.  The Raptor and Ecoboost FX4 offer a 4.10 locking rear differential, but you can't have it on any other model or engine platform.  Even on the 6.2L Super Duty they offer a 4.30 option.  People like to tow and put suspension lifts with bigger tires on their trucks.  It would be great if Ford offered an optional 4.10 and 4.30 locking rear differential option across all models and engine platforms when they redesign the F150 for 2015!  Toyota and Nissan both offer 4.10 or 4.30 gears, why can't Ford offer these ratios on all of their platforms along with their standard 3.31, 3.55 or 3.73 options?
Juston P 01/11/2014
Why buy a mini van when my kids love the 2009 F-350 parked in my driveway. Dads monster truck is there favorite their favorite vehicle to drive in. With the 6" lift, 38x15.5x20 Tires and Wheels and the Chip and aftermarket exhaust makes for the perfect truck. More functionality out of our big boy trucks is all I was pointing out. 4 little kids fit in the back seat all Ford needs to add is the safty loops to attach child seat belts to. Maybe I'll look into a new transit connect 7 seater if it got double the mpg's of the SuperDuty (currently average 14.5mpg). I guess I would take the advice of the above comment if the transit connect offered the twin turbo 2.3l that is going to be offered in the new mustang rated at over 300HP. That mini van would also  need to have 4x4 or awd capability for all the Boy Scout campling we do, and sand dune visits, and ski resort wheather we encounter each yr. So if transit connect becomes a true family hauler then I'll stop waisting $400 + a month on diesel and only waist $200 on gasoline. I would still miss the F-350 SuperDuty. But maybe your right just because I have alot of kids who like SuperDuties I should go get a minivan that cant do anything the SuperDuty does except holds a few more seat belt brackets and it does manage to get almost double my current mpg. 
Juston, I hear minivans are nice these days.
Juston P 10/19/2013
Gears options dicourage me since I want a Limited with the 4. 10 because the day I pick mine up its getting an 8in lift and 38' tires. The other thing that discourages me is the fact that I want a bench in the front. I have my wife and 4 kids and I cant take everyone with me if I buy the truck I want because Ill be missing the 6th seat belt that I need. Plus I hate the center shift/console. 60/40 is more practical... Or Ford needs to put add a 4th seat belt in the back seat. because the kids all fit they just dont have belts...
bill b 10/18/2013
Yes I agree these are trucks and ford should offer better gear options because towing matters not mpg.