F150 Manual Transmission

I can no longer find a ford truck with a manual tranny. I want a f150 with a manual transmission with that Coyote 5.0L. And when i put it in four wheel drive, i want to put it in on the floor! Not only do this with the f150, what about doing this in the super duty with gas and diesel.And remember,Ram trucks offer a manual transmission.
Gotham 11/11/2014
will sell my european luxury and buy the F150 if Ford delivery the stick shift..
Joseph 06/25/2013
I also agree that Ford needs to offer another manual transmission. My 13 year old Ranger will need replacement in the next year or two and I've never owned an automatic (driven plenty, hated all of them). If Ford can't/won't do it, I'll have to go talk to Toyota :-(
Madd D 11/22/2012
After 12 years, purchasing only 2 fan belts and a battery after 11 years on my Ford with a stick shift, Ifeel the only truck that lasts longer than an automatic Ford, is a Ford with a stick. Bring it back and bring it back with the Mustang 5.0. Itwill be a dominant force.
Nick P 09/20/2012
I've never bought an automatic, a would definitely like to see Ford come back with some good standard engines for their light and heavy duty pick ups. Would get a lot of customers back from dodge!
Aaron K 09/14/2012
Any idea that increases the number of models available with a manual gets an upvote from me.
Mario D 09/11/2012
Ram only offers manual with the Cummins diesel. I agree on a manual transmission for the F-150 also make that manual available on the Eco-Boost engine. Also Eco-Boost should be offered on the models with the "6-1/2" box standard cab. My next Gripe "2013" XL build and price must purchase option package "101A" to get skidplates and "P-265/70R17" tires and Box side steps option and Tail gate step also must purchase "101A" which adds luxury items