F150 Manual Trans

Please bring back manual transmissions in the F-Series trucks. My current truck is a 2003 F-150 4X4, because I have been waiting all this time for Ford to return to a manual in the trucks. I'm still waiting. I'd buy one in a heartbeat if you'd make one with a decent manual.
David M 04/05/2014
I agree once you have driven a vehicle with a manual transmission you get hooked on the control (acceleration and braking).
jesse w 03/03/2014
I agree as will i would pay more just to have a new ford with a manual transmission.
Ken B 02/09/2013
I agree Ford needs to bring back the manual transmission back to the F series. My old 97 F150 had the 5spd manual and never gave Me trouble. It was very reliable 226K miles with not even a hiccup. The only reason I settled for an automatic this time is My 97's head gasket was bad and was going to be over $4000 to replace.