F150 Diesel option

I've been hearing rumors for years about an F150 Diesel option in the works only to be let down with a Turbo Charged Gas V6. F150 owners like myself use our truckes every single day to haul or move goods and materials. We don't require a Superduty to do our work but want real engine muscle with fuel economy. The Eco boost is a step in the right direction and great if your not hauling. But put a trailer behind it and listen to it work. We need a bigger, better alternative to the Eco Boost and the old school, gas guzzling 6.2L is not the answer.
BT 07/02/2012
Isn't anybody at FORD "REALLY" listening? There is a huge group of loyal Blue Oval owners and followers screaming for this option. You've tested it, we know it, just search the web for Diesel F150, so own up! Why no diesel power train option yet??? Don't give me this diesel prices fell bull-roar either...