F150 Diesel

By Bohn F.

I will be purchasing a new pickup truck in the next year or two. I admire what you are doing with the aluminum body F-150 to save weight. However, you are still going to be beaten on fuel economy by the Chrysler/Dodge/Ram D1500 Ecodiesel. Their diesel is a European sourced V6 engine and with the 240 hp and 420 lb ft of torque and will be excellent at both fuel economy and towing. I would suggest you look at sourcing the Steyr manufactured 3.0 liter inline 6 cylinder diesel Bmw uses in their 335d diesel car for adding a diesel option on the F150. It beats the Ram in both hp and torque with 265 hp and 425 lb ft torque. Mounted in your 700 lb lighter F150 you would be the undisputed fuel economy champ for light duty pickups and it would be a killer tow vehicle. I would buy one. Think about it and run it by Alan Mulally. My first Ford pickup was a 1962, my last one was a 1973 model. Both of them got about 10 mpg. I'd like to buy another one but give me a reason to buy one. Thank you for your time. . . Bohn F
John C 03/24/2014
Better to develop Mazda's SkyActive 2.2 liter 4 cylinder inline diesel into a 3.3 liter V-6. The four puts out 173 horsepower and 310 ft-lbs. It uses no D.E.F. (diesel exhaust fluid) which saves cost and another couple hundred pounds weight.
Casey F 02/06/2014
I agree with Bohn. I would love to have the new F150 with a small diesel that is on par with the Ram. My last truck was a 2002 FX4 and my current is a 2009 FX4. I sure would like to make the next an FX4 but the Ram looks very enticing wihth the diesel. I tow often in the summer months and fuel economy is important to me which would make that diesel perfect.
Alex M 01/27/2014
I think putting a diesel like Ram's in the F-150 would be good to go along with the V8 and Ecoboost V6 engines. I say this because it would boost economy even more and could also be more powerful.
Richard B 01/27/2014
I have wonder why , ford has not put a diesel in the F-150 for a long time.