F150 Diesel

Alot of us F150 owners or prospective owners would love to see a Diesel engine option. We do alot of work with our trucks and could use the extra power and fuel economy of a larger diesel engine.
DP-Fla 03/27/2013
If Ford puts a diesel in the F-150 it will convert me from my Toyota!
Christina W 08/17/2012
Great idea but they will never do it...big oil won't let it happen. i'm looking at a VW diesel car for my wife only because ford doesn't have one
I think its a great idea, there is no avail 1/2 ton in diesel. Australian Ford Ranger diesel in u.s. would be awesome too.
Wiw S 08/11/2012
Word on the street is that Chevy/GMC will be offering a 4-Cylinder Diesel in their new Colorado/Canyon.