F-series transmission

By Ryan K.

Ford Motor Company needs to re-introduce a manual transmission option for the F-series trucks. If it works, don't fix it.
John B 01/14/2014
I agree the superduties here that haven't been replaced with Rams are manuals but they are getting older those people are looking at Ram now too.
James F 07/20/2013
I completely agree. I love my 2003 f-150, with the V6 and a 5-speed. Biggest trouble i have is finding traction. And getting 26 mpg hwy is nice too.
Kenobi M 07/12/2013
Indeed they do. I absolutely adore my '85 F150 and I'm never getting rid of it. But sometimes I would like something brand new, and if I buy a new truck I want the same basic configuration. My '85 is a longbed, regular cab, 2WD Xlt with aircon, an AM/FM radio, and under the hood lies the venerable 300Cid I6 mated to an overdrive 4-speed manual.

Most dependable vehicle ever built. It's also impossible to replace with a 2013 model because I cannot buy one with a manual.

So get on it, Ford. Let's have a manual gearbox in the half-tons again!
Kenobi M 07/12/2013
Indeed they do. I have no inclination of retiring my '85 F150 because I simply cannot buy one like it anymore. It's not a fancy truck by any means...4.9 I6, manual gearbox, RWD, longbed, reg cab with AC and an AM/FM radio...But I simply cannot buy it's modern descendant anymore. I have to have an automatic, which is a financial dealbreaker for me.

Come on Ford. Manual gearboxes will sell! Let us buy a half-ton with a manual already, you'll get tons of sales from GM, Chrysler, Toyota and Nissan buyers frustrated at the lack of third pedals not to mention plenty of repeat business from Ford guys like me who've resigned themselves to never owning anything newer than 1996 because of how rare manuals got.