F Series / Superduty Tire Size Calibrations

As an owner of a 2011 F450, I would like the ability to calibrate the speedometer to match the tire size. The current limit is 34.10" and that appears to be the limit based upon the largest factory installed tires on SRW models with 20" rims. Since many owners commonly replace their tires with larger size it would be help to be allowed to change this feature. The dealer cannot (tried) and I purchased an aftermarket tuner SOLELY to edit the tire size and not add a tune to the truck. I was disappointment that it too cannot adjust past the factory limit of 34.10". My research of all available tuners and feedback from other message boards verifies others having the same issue. Without the proper calibration even the mileage is not being recorded accurately. You consideration of this matter is appreciated. Like the owners of the Titan fuel tanks (50+ gallons), I I know it is something that can be added or changed in the programming and pushed via OASIS/IDS. This feature should allow you to change at least up to 37” on a tire selection menu.
Don V 01/18/2014
Completly agree.  I have a '13 with 37's and cannot get an accurate speedo which also affects the GPS as it uses this info.  Ford needs to publically respond to this issue!
Bill A 11/14/2013
At least let an owner bring the truck into ford and have a simple reprogram of the speedometer to the actual tire diameter. 
joaquin r 01/27/2013
Ford...please comment on this request. Many owners would like answers and a path to a solution...or the bad news a solution for tires outside of stock (programmed sizes) is not allowed. Either way...please tell us something.
Mark Quick 05/01/2011
Seems like a good idea. I wonder if there are legal issues?
Mark Quick 05/01/2011
Comment on this IDEA!