F-series! manual transmission!

Why can't Ford put a manual tranny in the f-series truckss??? Dodge does in a diesel! Why can't ford do that with the f-250?? And put them in the f-150! No one wants a automatic! Ford just builds a truck for city living anymore....i wish that would change. Put it with any of your engines!! Even the Ecoboost. Add the maunual 4x4 selector also. I would hate to buy a Dodge, but it has a maunal tranny!
John B 01/14/2014
Ram is gobbling up Ford's market here, chevy's too for that matter. As for the hd 6 speed Ford can build it better and tougher so the excuse of the engine being too much for a manual when ram can do it is just wrong Ford can build them better.
KRH 07/06/2013
Never owned an automatic and never will.
Dennis B 03/31/2013
I don't know why Ford don't build a F100 in a 4X4 with a V6 and a manual trans. wtih a regular cab and a short box. I think that would be a great pickup for hunting and fishing. You dould pull a small fishing boat or a small camper with it. Great for the outdoores type.
Skitter F 03/23/2013
quote: "No one wants a automatic!" I do O.o
But your completely right. Ford needs to offer a manual transmission with most their engines. Heck, I might even get myself in trouble if the ecoBoost had a manual. But Ford® might not offer a manual because the HD automatics now can handle a load just as well (if not better) then a manual. Either way, I feel that a manual would be fun to have.
dominic p 03/19/2013
Absolutely, the "truck leader" claims to offer about 750 000 truck configurations, but not one has a manual transmission. Meaning not one will be parked in my driveway. It seems to me that Dodge knows trucks and truck customers well by still offering a class exclusive six speed manual in their heavy duty line. However, I"m in the market for a light duty (1500) or mid-sized truck and the only options I have right now is with GM, Toyota or Nissan.
Sampson C 03/09/2013
The new Atlas with a manual transmission, diesel engine and LEATHER...Please!!!!!
John B 03/02/2013
I agree.. We have a 6 speed trans Ford could slap in. Why no do it?
Alec M 03/02/2013
I would have to say that the Raptor absolutely deserves a manual. I can see how Ford is trying to make it easier for novice drivers to tow their toys around with an automatic, but that shouldn't mean getting rid of the manual completely!
matthew a 02/25/2013
I am going to be buying a a new truck soon and I will not buy an automatic transmission or auto transfer case. For that matter I also want old school locking hubs.
Why cant they make a 6 speed manual transmission?
I have never owned anything but a ford and this may be the first. Dodge isnt so bad I guess