F-250/350 Manual transmission

By Mike S.

A manual transmission offers better fuel economy, better performance, and more control of the engine, braking, and overall performance of the vehicle. You DO NOT offer this option in the f-250 or F-350 anymore. I realize that it prevents some maintenance and warranty issues with the drive train when an inexperienced driver is involved. However, there are many of us, with 100's of thousands of miles of experience that want this option.

Until you offer it, I have to stay with a Dodge Ram. This is unfortunate in that you are offering a better diesel engine than Dodge. Please offer a manual transimission! It cost less and is greener.
Mike Smith 02/11/2012
Truckguy, I agree with you that there have been improvements in the automatic transmissions. However, with more than 75% of heavy trucks sold in the US still being offered with manual transmissions, it says something. Certainly the Mack's mDrive and some other options from Volvo, and in the delivery truck market are showing the benefits of automatics. Yet, the basic precept of less moving parts means less things to go wrong. Furthermore, the significant difference between a direct drive system of a manual vs. the torque convertor, fluid, belts, and cooling issues of an automatic are anything but simple. If any one of these 'links' in the system fails, the whole system fails. The benefit of a higher tow capacity is because the manufacturers are not offering a stronger manual.

Both manual and automatics have a place. It is remiss for ford to not listen to costumers that want an option for obvious reasons. Good luck shifting into 'drive', but watch the hills, temperature is the bane of an automatic.
Truckguy 02/09/2012
Actually, automatic transmissions has improved so much over the recent years that automatics give better service, better mileage, higher tow fiqures than manuals. It wasn't always that way, but now the "weak" link in the drivetrain process is the shifters foot. Of course,
professional drivers (like you sound to be) are the exception, but still, to "insist" on a manual, without fully investigating what has happened to automatics means you're living in the past.
Christopher Kirk 02/09/2012
I could not agree with you MORE!!! I WAS a loyal Ford customer until they decided to ram an automatic down my throat. I will say it again...if you MAKE them, people will buy them. When Ford did offer a manual, it had to be special order, so it would take 6 weeks to get. Guess what? NO ONE BOUGHT THEM BECAUSE THEY COULDN'T GET THEM.

Ford is mostly concerned with the bottom line, and they've made a conscious decision to make what they want to sell, not what some of us want to buy.

Until that changes, I will never buy another Ford truck again...