F-250 Redesign

By Paul P.

The current design of the F250 has been around for some time. It's time to give it an overhaul with some sleaker lines, perhaps a slight retro look, but still retain its ability to do the tough work. Increased gas mileage would be nice but not at the cost of performance. I would prefer to see a vehicle that will stand up to the abuse of plowing or heavy hauling than one offering better mileage to get groceries. I have a car for that. Let's create something that will keep the Ford reputation of "built tough" continuing while offering a new look.
steve s 01/05/2013
I agree, while fuel economy is nice I buy my trucks for Toughness first and foremost. No need to compromise features such as the strong and heavy drivetrain including Solid Front axle for fuel economy. Keep it stout and I will continue to be a Super Duty driver for years to come.
brad a 01/05/2013
Agree with Smith C. How round do you want it? It's been proven that heavy duty truck owners want it to look tough, not sleek. You want opposing things: sleeker look, but not caring to get more efficiency? They why make it sleeker (which is usually for aerodynamics)?
Paul P 12/31/2012
The 2011 change was more of a facelift than a new design. I agree the powertrain is fine and yearly improvements are always welcomed but the overall boxy appearance has been around for about 5 years +. It's time to smooth some of those lines.
Smith C 12/28/2012
I'm not sure what you are talking about. The F250 was redesigned in 2011 with a lot of new stuff including a six speed auto and a 6.7 diesel that has more power, torque and fuel effeciency compared to any competitor and I am sure the Ford engineers are working on the next gen as we speak.