F-150 tires

By Mark K.

Gee, wouldn't it be great if when you bought a truck, it actually came with truck tires on it instead of passenger tires? If you want to put lesser tires on, or some large wheels with low profile performance tires on it then go ahead an do it after you have purchased a truck. Now it seems to be just the opposite. If you buy a F-150 you have to then go out and buy tires actually designed for a truck. Trucks should be for working,,, not for looking at. I have looked at 12-15 trucks in the past week and all but three had passenger tires on them.
Martin H 01/04/2013
I would agree that LT tires would be better than P tires but you have some options when ordering truck and all the manufactures are the same and lot off trucks are used not for work.
art h 11/12/2012
Tires should be a option just like wheel choice