F-150 Performance

Please bring back the Lightning or something better then the tremor!!!!!!! I like the eco boost 3.5L, 4.10 gearing, 6 speed auto. But Please Make the truck its own! The tremor looks like the FX2 package. thats not good, if it looks like every other f150 out there. Put an aggressive syle front and rear ends and side skirts, fog lights, and lower it just a little ohh and racing stripes of any kind!!!  The look of both gen lightnings, and Saleen f150 was a home run!!! Offer it in reg cab, ext cab, crew cab. i would by the ext cab! 
I don't like the FX stuff either, but the Tremor, if we ever actually see it, is a great starter if the price point is reasonable. W/ the F150 suspension, it allows street guys to lower or the 4wd guys lift to their hearts desire. Getting everything you're wanting from the factory would simply be a compromise for everyone that no one would really be happy w/...and that no doubt would add a substantial amount to the cost of the truck. Support the aftermarket and personalize it yourself.
Brandon H 08/04/2013
i mean NO racing stripes of any kind!