F-150 Manual Transmission Option

Ford, As with me and many others (just search this site for "manual transmission trucks") we want the manual transmission option back!! I know there is a very good market for it as I've seen it on here and many other sites. Bring the manual back for F-150 and all the way up to the F-550, for that matter make it a special order option but at least give us the option. I absolutely hate automatic transmissions. I'm ready to buy a new truck and I'm absolutely not buying an automatic!! I want a 5.0 F-150 with either the Getrag MT-82 or the ZF6. I would buy a mustang but I can't "use" a mustang. Come on Ford let's get it done! Bring the manual back!!!!!!!!! Ford here's a little motivation "Dodge offers it"!!
William Chuber 12/11/2013
I not an old guy wanting to relive my glory days. I am a young guy who wants to be in control of the truck I drive. A truck with a manual transmission is a man’s truck. Ford, bring back the manliness and control of the manual transmission.
chris v 12/03/2012
If you can't drive a manual or don't drive a manual you really should not be driving. What constitutes a good driver? Someone who can drive with finesse while manually changing gears and who does not need to constantly hit the brakes to slow their vehicle. If you can judge distances and anticipate how much you will need to slow down and do so by downshifting, you are a good driver. I am in the market for a new truck and would like to buy a Ford F-150. By the looks of it, they no longer sells cars to drivers. I will be taking my business elsewhere.
Justin E 09/09/2012
Thats an EXCELLENT idea!!!