F-150 Lightning

The F-150 Lightning has been missing from Ford's line up for quite some time. To some it may seem far fetched, however considering the economic nature of the Cobra's 5.4 liter matched with its very exceptional performance, it could be a good alternative for F-150 entusiasts who don't want to purchase an SVT Raptor but still want a high level of performance. Seeing as SVT has been involved with both the 5.4 liter and the F-150 (Raptor) itself I could see this becoming possible within the next 2-3 years. Obvisouly a market study would have to be done to see if there would be consumer potential. I am working on getting my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and would definitely put one in the garage if it becomes a reality.
Patrick McCabe 02/07/2012
The original question seems to suggest that the lightning would be comparable to the raptor. Two distinctly different concepts with very different performance objectives and a very different buyer. I miss my 2003 lightning and would be first in line for a true successor to the lightning, the raptor is nowhere close...

Ford better hurry up as I'm starting to consider a Jeep Cherokee SRT.
kendal 08/11/2011
I had a 2000 lightning and got it to run a 12.9 in the 1/4 mile with some mods! That's not so bad for a truck! I'm thinking an all wheel drive lightning with a factory supercharged 5.0! Sign me up!!!
Robert Hollar 08/11/2011
Love the idea of the lightning. They were slow as hell, but I loved them. They were functional, low to the ground, they had power bursting from every design aspect. The thing is I sadly don't see Ford's current F-150 as a sound platform as a street truck speed daemon. I might be killed for suggesting this. But Ford's current global (everyone except America) ranger with a ground affects, suspension, and tuned ecoboost V6 might work. It would be light and have power look chapman concept being preformed better than chapman's successor....
A 08/01/2011
My husband has a 2002 Ford Lightning, and he has been WAITING and WAITING for the new one to come out. He gets compliments on his car all the time; I think the market is ready for the new version!