F-150 H O T

F150 High Out Put Truck. A regular cab pickup to compete with the new ram express without the expense of a S.V.T. model (Lighting). You already have the engine that will out peform their larger hemi, the new 5.0. Add a nice wheel/tire combo. color key those plates where the glass used to be on reg cab's when they had the small doors.(Or put the Glass back) That really look's something that was added on at the last minute to fill in a hole. (sorry for the critic ). Strip it of all badgeing except 5.0. emblems on the fenders. I think you could start with a S.T.X. model ( change the grill to something like those after market Street Sceen grill's) and bring to to market pretty fast. There is a market for (NICE) regular cab pickups. PLEASE consider this idea. I LOVE FORD'S.