Explorers should perform better off road

Didn't have a technology catagory, so even if it may not seem relevant, I put it into the performance section, as it is to do with the Explorer's off road performance. The Explorer has so much potential to be a capable SUV, and it's all there - except for ground clearance. Everyone I know loves the Explorer, but says it should be higher up. All the car reviews I have seen also suggest this as an issue. It would be wise to offer an adaptive air suspension, so if people want their SUV for off roading, the Explorer would be for them. Also, having it as an option means tat you don't have to lose money by adding it as standard, or increasing the price of the vehicle. Why call it an Explorer if it can't explore many places? Please, free the Explorer of its one restrictive issue, and it would be amazing. Adaptive ride hight settings please. Even if it only gives a few more inches of ride height, it'd be very much worth it, as many people are dissapointed with the new Explorer's off road performance.
Alex M 11/28/2013
I also agree. The Explorer would be so much better if it had better clearance, maybe such as at least about 8.0 inches or so. 
Andrew S 05/22/2013
I agree. I'm a huge Ford fan boy, but I think the new Jeep will be getting my money. Here is hope for the explorer or a new Bronco.