Explorer Sport 2 door

By Alec S.

I read that the Explorer was going to have a sport trim again, At first I was really happy hoping that it was a 2 door of the newest explorer. Then I found out it was only a 4 door. Wich is still cool. The 3.5 Ecoboost will eat the SRT8s but I still think a 4 door Explorer aint really sporty. So I think it would be cool to offer a 2 door explorer sport.
Mike 02/09/2014
I think a return to the 2 door sport would be an excellent choice as well.  The 2-door sport was always a more nimble, more stable cousin in the original Ranger-based Explorer line.  Put that together with a modern Eco-boost and the more reliable modern automatic transmissions and we'd have a winner in my book.