Expedition svt raptor

The f150's have many different options like having the lariat, king ranch, and raptor. One idea that I have is to increase the personal option to have the svt raptor package, available on the f150, available on the short wheel base expedition. The reason behind this is because the new Ford expeditions have many options like the xl, xlt, limited, and king ranch, but all these optional packages seem to be more of luxury. It would be great to have an offroad version of the ford expedition
Tina Kelleher Mills 01/10/2012
love the idea of an Expedition Raptor!!!!!!
Chris Fortes 11/13/2011
i totaly agree with you man!
Richard Novak 08/26/2011
I agree too. The Expedition could use a stiffer frame and more robust suspension to mimic the abilities of the Raptor. It wouldn't be a huge seller but I suspect there would be a lot of people willing to pay for it, if for nothing else but the looks. The Hennessey Velociraptor SUV is a concept that takes the current Raptor and makes it an SUV, perfect for law enforcement units that go off-road such as the Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, DEA, and Border Patrol. If the next Expedition is still based on the F-150 it seems this would be a natural evolution.

Of course Ford knows that the majority of people who buy these 4x4 SUVs don't ever go off road in them. While it's true that many people buy 4x4s for that freak snowstorm or heavy rain situation and never intend to use it otherwise, there is a growing group that doesn't go off-road because the vehicles aren't as capable as they should be. These SUVs, especially truck-based ones, should be absolutely capable of some light to moderate off-roading, or at least offer a version that is.
Adam Snyder 08/15/2011
I completely agree with you. There is a high demand for off-road SUVs. I bought my 2010 F150 in the XLT model because the Raptor wasn't offered in crew-cab at the time. I'm building mine up to be like the Raptor. I would like to get an Expedition, but from the factory, they're not very off-road worthy. And there isn't much off-road aftermarket parts available for them, either. It's unfortunate. Another gripe I have is the Expedition's steering wheel. I would prefer if the steering wheel were identical to the one in the F150!