expadition FX4

Please make an off road expedition option with some bronco legacy thrown in .
I live in a hill town in mass. and hill towns all over america eat ford suv's alive so were is fords tough haritage. what happened to the do all Suv ford use to make? hill town folk work play explore hunt fish and camp ,deal with winter head on and dont stay indoors thier search  for the outdoors is why we live in the hills. ever year i see my neighbors give up ther fords for toyota Fjs'and jeep wranglers so were are you at ford take this segment back with a good solid off roader with a smalldiesel motor for good Mpg and longevity
Monica B 12/31/2013
The F-150 is available every year with the FX4 off-road package. Why can't we buy the vehicle we want (Expedition) withe the option of FX4 also? 
scott 09/01/2013
Shorten the Ranger platform into a direct competitor with the Wrangler. Make it a convertible, ecoboost engines and maybe that sweet 3.2 from the transit, manual transmission, maybe a special edition with the Coyote 5.0. Look at the Jeep aftermarket and resale value, only a Ford Bronco could steals sales away, especially if it had a diesel or V8.