By Matt M.

New Excursion with 7.3 powerstroke. The only KING of suvs need to come back! Ford needs to bring back the big suv for performance and also the access of hauling many things.
Shawn M 08/09/2013
Um or a E series? Stupid idea. When was it ever a good idea for an excursion. It was a gimmick to make brainless fools pay too much for petrol. Even diesel. Useless vehicle moving on...
Merle M 07/20/2013
Needs to be done and soon!
avery c 07/05/2013
ford would have loved to keep the 7.3 diesel but due to EPA regulations they needed to get rid of it /= i wish they could do that though!
Jim B 07/02/2013
Do it! Schools will love you for it too. Great people mover with room to bring the gear.