By Mark T.

I would like to see the f-150 come out with true dual exaust. I had an aftermarket exaust put on my 2009 f-150 and it didn't really help the mileage but, it sure helped it breath better. Dodge has always had dual exaust and they say it helps their trucks run better. Have the exaust come straight out the back one pipe on each side of the spair tire and the tips be the rectangular shaped like you see on a lot of aftermarket exaust. Since all the Ford cars have them so should the pickups.
Mike S 03/10/2014
I have owned 6 F150's as well as a full sized Bronco. I have taken every one of them to the local muffler shop and had my new exhaust cut off and duals installed. When I pull in the dealership for service, I always get compliments on how good the truck sounds. Why put duals on a fusion and not a truck? It's funny that the Atlas concept had duals but the 2015 doesn't.   Mike in KC