Euro Ranger in America

So I've been taking a look at some of Ford's cars in Europe and I've realized that their is an amazing looking Ranger in Britain, but we get the little toy truck here in America. The ranger in America is just a bit ugly and looks weak compared to styled Colorados, Tacomas, and frontiers. The Ranger with that styling would have the looks. Give it a 4-cyl for the base and give it a 4 or 6 cylinder ecoboost as its upper end. Think of Ford vehicles that have sold well... They all looked amazing and had all sorts of options. With rising oil prices, full size truck demand is plummeting and having a sexy new ranger will appeal to the young car buyer who wants a truck but without the terrible MPG. It fits with Ford's styling on other vehicles well and will fit right into place. Just make sure to give it enough cargo area for light duty work. I want to fit a small couch in it, lawn equipment, and other medium sized objects that 90% of people move. It will be the best looking truck with the best engine in America! Truck owners need something like this, because a full size F-150 with any engine still gets very poor MPG.
Nathan R 09/05/2012
Bring the Diesel!
Alan Ohio 08/18/2012
yes please. my money is waiting for this. comfortable 4cyl ranger
james j 08/01/2012
Hey Ford still waiting on that global Ranger, please.
George R 06/28/2012
George in Ohio As a shareholder and needing a new small truck please bring a new Ranger to customers here. The reason you don't make you look bad.
james j 06/14/2012
Bring the Global Ranger to the USA!
james j 06/14/2012
Bring the Global Ranger to the USA! We need/want it here!
Carl W 06/13/2012
Been saying that for a long time.. The Wildtrak Is pricy but effective.