Eropean Ranger

I have always thought that the perfect ford truck was something that was bigger than the Ranger but smaller than the F-150. Recently in Europe I discovered that the version of the Ford Ranger you can buy there is much different than the United States version. It is what I have always dreamed of.

There are a couple factors that make a truck attractive to me. First is the size of the truck. I need to be able to fit more than 2 people in it. Second, I need a motor that can produce a high amount of torque while retaining good gas mileage.

The size of the US Ranger is simply too small. The fold down seats are only big enough for a small adult or child. Large grown men simply do not even fit in these seats. On the other hand, too large of a truck generally means a larger engine. This in turn generally gives you bad gas mileage which is very undesirable. But, I will come back to the gas mileage point.

In my opinion, the European it is the perfect size truck with the perfect motor. The truck is bigger than the United States Ranger and smaller than the F-150. It also has four full doors on it which is much nicer than the half wing doors on the United States version.

The second most desirable trait of a truck is the engine that powers it. I want an engine that has a good amount of torque while retaining it's gas mileage. The US Ranger does't hit this mark for me either. Yes, it can produce a good amount of torque to haul a load. But, the gas mileage suffers as a result. You can get the same gas mileage in a US ranger as an F-150.

The European Ranger has a deisel engine which is not available in the United States. This fact is one of the key advantages to the European Ranger. The engine is capable of producing high amouts of torque while retaining a great low gas mileage. This in my opinion is a great advantage to the European Ranger.

So by writing this I am hoping that I am partially convincing you to do one thing. Release the Eropean Ranger in the United States!!! I will be the first one to buy one.