There will be a possibility that Ford may use MYT engine. These engines are lighter and compact, are flexible to different fuels. They produce a high torque and horsepower and the best thing is has fewer components internally are also economice to use fuel.
Billy Valle 05/24/2011
The combination of MYT engine and conjunction with eestor eesu is a good advance to help the environment alot pass in hybrid or a compliment electric system using MYT to generator energy
Robert Messino 05/21/2011
I would really like to see Ford attempt to use the MYT engine. As the only US based manufacturer to not get help from the government during the latest financial crisis, it is the only US company I would consider buying a car from. Possibly start a development company that would in the future bvecome part of ford as a whole. With their recent sale of Jaguar land rover and Volvo, the company needs new inroads to the market. This platform could boost them in worldwide production and be the most green auto manufacturer in the world.
With 4 6" models they could have independent drive for each wheel allowing torque and horsepower that are not available today, not to mention new driveability functions. Not sure how it would do on gas mileage but should be better then todays ICE's. If you were able to use MYT in conjunction with eestor eesu, (if it ever comes to market) you should be able to get 200-400mpg.