engine options

By John D.

i have a 06 escape with a v6 in it. i get 28 mpg or better on the highway. why can't you put a v6 in an escape ? its not the power i want its the no turbo i want. most of your cars use the turbo for power but im not a turbo person. i don't want a big suv iwould just like an escape with a v6 again. so far i'm not enthused about any of your cars. my wife has an 03 explorer which i like for a second car. which means i don't want another big one. any ideas ?
john p 01/11/2014
Second on this one.
If I had the choice of either a something like say a 3 point 0L Duratech or even the ability to downgrade to a 2 point 5 L when I purchased my 2014 Escape I would have done it in a heartbeat. If you notice the ecoboost horsepower figures in the brochure have an asterisk with a note that they were achieved with 93 octane fuel. So we really need to ask which would be more fuel efficient with 87 octane.