Electric Boost (Without Being a Hybrid)

How cool would it be if your performance car had electric motors on the non-driven wheels for added boost? "That's a hybrid" you say, but here's the kicker: use smaller batteries, or better yet, large capacitors to store energy. Have a gauge in front of the driver that shows the cells' charge. When the cells are charged, the driver can let 'em rip! Get a burst of speed for anywhere from 2-5 seconds, just enough for instant satisfaction.

This feature would be strictly for performance and wouldn't significantly increase the cost of the vehicle by using a large bank of batteries. Performance buyers don't get the stigma about buying a hybrid, but rather get bragging rights to the road, while getting AWD performance from the deal. Really, most of the fun in driving a car fast happens in small bursts anyway, so there's no real benefit for having boost ability 100% of the time. This will bring a little bit of unique fun to the game.