Ecoboost with manual transmission

By Kyle W.

You should offer the ecoboost in a fully manual transmission. First, it would make the truck a little less expensive. Second, manual transmissions on average get 2 MPG better than their automatic counterparts. So your 22 MPG rated ecoboost suddenly gets 24 MPG. See? Everybody wins!
anthony 02/28/2014
none of this matters people want them I want a ecoboost with manual tranny esp in the truck 3.5 with a 5/6 speed mouth watering every guy between 18 and 40 wants this make they will come or just keep letting them buy Toyotas your choice ford
Rogers Hunter 12/11/2011
I know automatics are more lucrative to produce than manuals but I won't be sold on them. I've learned to dislike them. Automatics don't last as long and they are more expensive to repair. What Fred says may be true in the lab but I've compared automatics and manuals in otherwise indentical vehicles for years and the manual wins every time. I really don't like the way the newer models drive. The RPMs seem to slurp and slide around and the slightest increase in grade causes them to shift back and forth ad nauseum. A trip to Colorado in a rented Expedition nearly drove me crazy with that thing shifting up and down every few seconds. Nobody can tell me that that was fuel efficient. It wasn't! A friend of mine just bought a new Dodge Ram truck and it drives almost the same way.
Furthermore, an automatic that can be shifted like a manual is still an automatic. I won't buy one. Sorry.
Chris Newman 10/18/2011
I would like manuals as an option in trucks and sport models. I'm not concerned with fuel efficiency or power, etc, I just want to shift my own gears.
Brad Krekelberg 09/24/2011
People don't just want manuals for extra efficiency or cheaper price. I think it's fair to say most, like myself, prefer them for the added enjoyment and control.
Fred Golden 09/22/2011
Part of the reason you see less manual ttransmissions is that the mileage gap is very small now, with some automatics getting better MPG ratings than the manual shift engines. New 6 speed automatics are very fuel efficient.

And part of the magic about making the Ecoboost so energy efficient is keeping the engine RPM slow as possible. Yet if the engine starts to ping (in-autable pings only the engine computer hears) you want to shift to a lower gear, bring up the engine RPM to make more horsepower, without pinging anymore. Manual transmissions give up computer control to the driver, so will be less fuel efficient.

For the computer to make a manual transmission engine to stop pinging it will have to change the ignition timing to make it stop pinging, at the cost of fuel mileage and horsepower, or enrichen the fuel mixture, (this stops pinging too). But with a automatic transmission, it can increase engine RPM to lessen the tendency to ping under a load.