Ecoboost V8

Hopefully the hinted at new ecoboost engine with the Atlas concept is a V8. I'll still write it down just in case. An ecoboost 8 would be a very attractive option in different platforms. Either an ecoboost 5.0 or the 5.4 V8 would be the way to go. A nice option in the Mustang, F150, Raptor, A bigger beefier Taurus SHO and so on. Never underestimate the immaturity factor of the V8.
Robert K 05/24/2013
My wifes 2.0 liter KIA has a turbo and i think it would out pull my chevy with the 5.3 liter. My friends and I would love to see a 5.0 liter ecoboost as amustang option and in the super duty line as well. I like the diesel but maintinance and fuel are expensive and for someone who tows a boat out of Bullhead City Az and Havasu most of the summer the power would be great. Plus not shelling out all the money diesels cost to buy and maintain.
WayneT 04/27/2013
The ecoboost 5.0L wood be a hit in the 50th Anniversary Mustang. Maybe it should retro the King Cobra...
Alex S 04/10/2013
Do it, the Germans are killing the Americans with power and torque. They have turbo V8s! You wanna sell the Mustang around the world? It needs an EcoBoost 5.0 V8 w/ 8 speed auto and paddle shifters! Also, Merc has it in the SUV -a GL450 and GL550. So Expedition and F-series would make sense too.
Pots 02/19/2013
The idea that the "EPA is killing the auto industry" is completely backward. Look at the amazing innovation! All new levels of power, performance, efficiency, technology. These regulations have really pushed the auto industry to provide their customers with something better, and so far we've all benefited from it.
James W 02/18/2013
That is true but however an ecoboost 8 can be an option for certain applications. It is a platform to develop to replace the current gas option for superduty trucks for people that do not want a diesel for whatever reason.
art h 02/16/2013
With the EPA breathing down the neck of automakers the v8 is not long. They want to raise the MPG to 54 average MPG. So the alternative is smaller motors with turbos to make up for the loss of displacement. If someone would get the EPA to stop killing the auto industry then we could see ecoboost V8's until then it's not going to happen. They are seriously pushing electric cars to make up for the MPG requirement.