EcoBoost the Mustang

The 3.5 liter v6 EcoBoost engine is just screaming to be unleashed in a RWD mustang. The power to weight ration would be amazing. It would improve the weight balance over the V8 and the engine could be tuned more aggressively in a RWD configuration. It could be a specialty version (SVO?) that would attract a premium price.
jerry 01/23/2013
Why can`t I buy a turbo for my 5.0 for a 2012, F-150. It lacks just a little on torque and fuel economy. Should get better fuel economy for a 2012. How much did they de-tune this engine?
Marshall 10/19/2012
how about taking the design behind the 2.0 ecoboost and adding 4 more cylinders in the v8 configuration. having a 4.0 ecoboost v8.... if they kept the power output relative to the I-4 you would have 480-504 (depending on if they used the st focus overboost tune) horse power, and 540 foot pounds of torque out of a 4.0
jkemp 09/25/2012
what about a limited edition AWD Ford Fusion complete with a 5.0 ecoboost. i would like a ford subaru/audi killer!
Paul S 07/10/2012
you are getting the ecoboost mustang but not til 2016. according to the car jurnos with the 2.0 ecoboost in the ford falcon you cant tow with it but will do the miles for sales reps.
Michael 03/28/2012
I think it would be very cool to take the EcoBoost engine and drop it in an AWD Fusion. Beef up the struts and the brakes and unleash it on some unsuspecting Acura TLs and Infiniti G37s...with that new body style coming for the 2013s, it would sell like mad!
zachary lawrence 02/18/2011
completly agree with a direct injected twin turbo v8 for the next gt500. of course it would be even better to see the direct ethanol and port fuel injected dual fuel twin turbo v8
Benjamin 12/14/2010
The Mustang ought to get a brand new all aluminum 5.0L Ecoboost V8; I think the Ford engineers can and ought to reengineer the heatercore and electrical systems under the front dash to make more than enough room to accomadate the twin turbos to be mounted behind the engine with enough noise dampening insulation around the turbos. Also locate the battery in the trunk, install 3pt race seats, and make the hood and front fenders out of carbon fiber material for better front to rear weight distribution, standard trans with paddle shifter on the wheel avail opt.
Chris 12/12/2010
The Mustang is a great car no doubt or question, and the Ecoboost V6 is a great engine. But there is a fine line that needs to be walked when talking about the two. Ford said this for the Mustang "No 4 cylinder and nothing less than 305hp". With that said just replace the stanard V6 with the EcoBoost V6, just apply all what was done to the orignal v6 to the EcoBoost. The MPG, HP, and Torque would go up. And the buzz about the EcoBoost would bring more peapole to the Mustang.
Peter 12/12/2010
I think the same way, there should be ecoboost V8
Cal Schuler 08/21/2010
I agree with you about the twin Turbo 5.0. The 5.0 has been an almost indestuctible engine for all the years it has been around. I have a 1993 Cobra with a 5.0 and a Rousch charger on it that will easily exceed 180 MPH. I have had it up to 170 and there is throttle to spare. A DOHC version with a twin turbo would eat up everything out there.
mark 07/14/2010
Sounds like 1980's deja vu. Remember the Mustang SVO- handled well, but the 5.0 was faster and cheaper. I don't things have changed much in 25 years. In the end, most mustang guys will opt for the cheaper/faster 5.0 2011 GT Mustang. The car your talking about would be close in cost to the GT 500 Shelby with no where the performance.
JohnS 06/18/2010
As a third option only. But, never at the expense of the V-8 - never.
Billyb302 06/17/2010
I see no reasont to eco-boost the Mustang when there is a current V-6 capable of mid 13 second 1/4 miles and sub 6 second 0-60 times that gets 31 miles per gallon to boot. In fact I would like to se Ford put the new V-6 in every vehicle that currently uses a V-8 or V-6 accross the entire vehicle line up..The Ranger,Explorer,Fusion,Lincoln line,and yes the Taurus and hell even the F-150's that are used for daily driving. They have a wineer in fuel economy and power and I hopr they exploit it to the max.
John 05/18/2010
I want you to Build And EcoJetBoost Mustang with the Capability of a climb rate of 20,000 Feet per minute or roughly twice that of the BD-10 or ViperJet,
David 05/15/2010
No John, the point is that Mustangs are V8 muscle cars and even the crummy little mustang IIs had 302s in them. And having 2 less cylinders will not always use less fuel because the car doesn't have to use as much of the power band in larger more powerful engine, it's all in the engineering. You're obviously not a die hard muscle car or mustang fan. I do think it would be cool to see an eco-boost 300+ hp 2.3 4 cyl mustang SVO to be built to compliment the new 5.0 though.
Terp 04/30/2010
Nobody said it should replace the v8, rather it can be an SVT model in between the base v6 and the v8
Tony Kazan 04/30/2010
There ya go! :) 305 HP V6 with 31mpg highway! :)
Andrew 04/25/2010
don't you mean the SVO? that was the one that was turbocharged and set up for handling
John 04/23/2010
Yes a Limited version of an EcoBoost V8 may have unbelievable Power I am thinking 700 HP but lets not forget an electric motor of 300 HP to combine for a 1000HP Mustang!
Dan 04/23/2010
I agree on the "cutting cylinders is not necessary" comment, completely.
Dan 04/23/2010
I'd like a V8 ecoboost to be produced.
John 04/22/2010
Scott I think Ecoboost for both are plausible. But Gosh I would love to see the Hidden Headlamps of the Mercury Cougar retro Modernized version of the 67' AWD or an alternate cat like the Mercury Panther or Mercury Tiger too
John 04/22/2010
I think what your missing is the fact that you can have better performance with less weight and better fuel econo so its a win /win. Having 2 more cylinders will always use more gas ken.
The REAL Scott Thompson 04/22/2010
I know what you're saying about Cougar and reviving it would be COOL. However, I'd love an EcoBoost Mustang as well. It would slot in nicely at around 365 HP between the 305 V6 and 412 V8.
John 04/20/2010
An Ecoboost Mustang would be great, but Mustang is a "SPORTS CAR" that is its True Roots and its Racing Heritage. And I say to those that want to hold the Mustang DOWN as a Muscle car will eventually kill it.
The Mustang needs to embellish its Great Mustang Looks but grow up even more. It would be nice to see the Mustang Beat the best of the best. . Ford ought to go upscale beyond the Nissan GT-R V Spec and look to not only make the Mustang the world's premiere Sports car, but make a Lincoln Sports Coupe, and defiinitely bring back a modernized version of the 1967 Mercury Cougar. . Possible Hybrid combos should possibly be Electric with the Ecoboost and Definitely a PERFORMANCE AWD System in these WORLD FORD, LINCOLN, and MERCURY RACING COUPES! Make Speed racer and Racer X Jealous!
Bryan 04/17/2010
An ECOboost V6 is not a Mustang. I do think it would make a great Mercury Cougar though. The styling would be different, but the underpinnings would be the same. This way an ECOboost 4 banger could be made as well. It would satisfy those who want the variation and it would not upset the Mustang purists.
brent 04/16/2010
It is a muscle car, but the use of the ecoboost would be a positive as it leaves an installed turbo platform that can be upgraded without a redo of all the plumbing.
hunter 04/16/2010
i dont understand the controversy about v8 n v6 v4 i think they should make a ecoboost for all. the consumers will buy what they want just give them options. a v12 with optional awd it would introduce the mustang to a whole new world it could even open up rally opertunities. v8s with twin turbos no room what is that. designers can make anything happen. personally a 3.5l twin turbo sounds amazing. just satisfy everyone with a 5.0v8 n a ecoboost model
Tim 04/15/2010
I would much rather see the V8 stay, reduce in size and weight also maybe turbocharged or something. im a fan of ECOboosting, but id just rather someone use newer technology to inprove the fuel econmy of teh V8. with all they have done to get Est 26 out of the Mustang now why cant they continuew to work on it more?
Greg 04/15/2010
If you consider the CAFE 35.5 MPG rqmt by 2016, the Mustang will need the 2.0 I4 EcoBoost making 35+ MPG to help Ford meet CAFE rqmts and with 275HP and 260ft-lbs torque, plus weighing less than the V6 should make it a performance and handling champ... lower cost too!
Matt Jungels 04/15/2010
and the Lincoln MKZ as well. Why doesnt ford put this motor in everything the way that GM has done with their LS series of motors.
DJ 04/15/2010
I think the 3.5 ecoboost should be an option while still keeping the 5.0 and maybe even offer a 5.0 ecoboost for the gt500.
dk_mich 04/14/2010
has anyone ever thought about using the 3.7L V6 with the Ecoboost? Or instead of a I-4 go with an inline 5. There are also options for cylinder shutdown while on the highway in a V8. Or go for the whole thing and use a huge V12 with AWD and shut it down to 4 little ones for the highway. We all want a mustang that is going to blow the doors off just about anything, it seems more of a question of what path to take. Even having a 30 second electric discharge for hubs on the front wheels to get it off the line quicker may be fun.
m wiest 04/14/2010
I believe the addition of a Ford Performance pack which would basically retrofit the naturally aspirated 3.5L V6 to the specs of the SHO. Give it the turbos and all other hardware. Tuning could push it to 400+ hp. This would keep it as an OEM aftermarket so the V8 guys wouldn't put up much fuss.
DALLAS 04/14/2010
HOW BOUT FORD ECOBOOST THE 5.0L V8 that is direct injection and single Turbo in the Valley between the cylinder banks like they did with the new 6.7L V8 Power Stroke Diesel
Michael R 04/14/2010
First, let me express profound appreciation to Ford Motor Company for providing the 3.7L TiVCT V6 and the 5.0L TiVCT V8 in Mustangs!

The 5.0L TiVCT V8 is the Mustang I'd buy, but I support those who feel the EcoBoost V6 should be offered as well. I'm less supportive of an EcoBoost four-cylinder in the Mustang since the smaller Fords that will also have this engine would have a performance & mileage edge over the Mustang--an inevitable consequence of putting a four-cylinder engine into a vehicle whose size and strength were dictated by the desire to power the vehicle with potent V6s and V8s.

If enough billfolds cry out for an EcoBoost four-cylinder Mustang, then by all means let it be--but be aware that comparos of EcoBoost four-cylinder Mustangs against potent but smaller four-cylinder coupes from Asia and Europe gives those competing coupes a natural size & weight advantage. Comparos are never where you want to give the other competitors a size & weight advantage...
Michael R 04/14/2010
If the Boss 429, the 427 SOHC, the supercharged GT500 5.4L V8, and the Aston-Martin 6.0L Vanquish V12 (I've seen photos of all these installations) can fit into the S197 engine compartment without the need to resort to a sledgehammer and a Sawzall, surely there must be a configuration that would allow fitment of a twin-turbo TiVCT 5.0L V8.
Michael R 04/14/2010
Bill: Various mags & websites say the TiVCT 5.0L V8 weighs 430 lbs in the configuration that will be in the 2011 Mustang GT.
Peter Rudd 04/14/2010
Daniel, I myself would prefer a 4 cylinder EB Mustang convertible. I do a lot of long distance driving and the thought of a Mustang that could get 35 mpg (and we know it could) providing say 220-230 hp and a quarter mile time of say 15.0 has great appeal.

No sacrifice in handling or braking, perhaps lighter weight, better economy... what's not to like?
68fastback 04/13/2010
An EcoBoost 5.0 with TiVCT could obviate the need for the now down-tech 5.4 in a future top of the line King Cobra. An EcoBoost 3.5 V6 would make a great option for the base mustang (or a specialty model), in addition to the standard 3.7NA TiVCT V6, and the standard TiVCT 5.0 NA in the GT. Then all mustang will need is a quality, lightweight, bullet-proof IRS backing-up that great engine lineup! Hmmm....maybe for the 50th anniversary? an all-new Mustang? ...MY'2014?!!! I can't wait!!!!
Ken L. 04/13/2010
As a true Mustang die-hard fan, I believe the name Mustang=V8, just as America=Hamburgers. An eco-boost Mustang would never be as popular as a V8, like someone else mentioned. An svo mustang would be interesting, but the body would need to be changed, and putting that engine in there would not give a big difference in price to the GT. Also, remember Mustang=upgrades, and there's not a lot of things that the average American can afford to make a real difference. Of course you can do a lot of tunning with turbos, but no weekend mechanic would be able to modify this engine. Also, remember the Mustang is not a sports car, is a pony car! A ford GT-40/ GT is a sports car. I believe the 5.0 Ti-Vct is a worthy engine to fight against the competitoion and to carry the Mustang nameplate.
Nick Rebman 04/13/2010
As a Mustang GT owner, I do think it's time for Ford to offer a 4-cyl Ecoblast Mustang as the base car. Mustangs have gotten to be mighty expensive in the last couple years. It's a terrific car that offers exquisite performance but you do have to part with an awful lot of money on the GT models now. The current 3.7L and 5.0L engines are phenomenal and exactly what the Mustang needs, but I think it would only be better if there were a 2.0 EB as the base engine so the price could be dropped. The top shelf engine I suspect will be a 5.0 EB soon enough.
John G 04/13/2010
"the problem is that there isn't really enough room in the Mustang's hood to put two turbos on the new 5.0L."

Then how has the aftermarket turbocharged SOHC/DOHC modulars? One way that would work with the assembly-line body drop requirement would be to put the turbos under the car behind the K-frame and near the bellhousing (one well-known aftermarket company already does this in a kit for the GT500).

The "turbos won't fit" claim is an excuse, not a verifiable fact.

Even if Ford won't do it OEM, Ford Racing should offer an OEM-quality kit.
Daniel B. 04/13/2010
EcoBoost engines would be nice, note the plural.
I-4: I can hear the groans now, but there have been 4-cylinder Mustangs before and the 2.0 EcoBoost tuned somewhere in the 240-300 hp range (more than the 2010 V-6) might make a good "economy" engine if gas hits $5+/gallon.
V-6: The 3.5 EcoBoost is awesome. The issue is that I suspect most GT buyers want a naturally aspirated V-8 - they're the ones who really care about tradition and the "sound" of the engine, more than base Mustang buyers. This might thus make a good engine for a revival of the SVO, or more likely the Pony package or another model slotting between the base V-6 (or EcoBoost I-4 above) and the GT's V-8.
V-8: the problem is that there isn't really enough room in the Mustang's hood to put two turbos on the new 5.0L. Most likely, the next GT500 or other range-topper (possibly a Cobra or a Boss) will see a supercharged 5.0L replacing the current supercharged 5.4L.
Paul Rufledt 04/13/2010
I agree an ecoboost V6 would make a good SVO variant. The styling would have to be differnet from the old SVO, but the way Ford has been styling the new mustangs, it would probobly look good. I don't believe it's a good idea to forsake the GT with it's naturally aspirated V8, but perhaps an ecoboost would not offend younger people like me who are more used to turbocharged performance vehicals, and in fact prefer them.
Paul Rufledt 04/13/2010
I agree, an ecoboost V6 would make a great rebirth of an SVO type mustang. the styling would be very different from the old SVO, but I would not want the Mustang GT to lose it's traditional V8. I've always loved mustangs and no V8 would be an immediate turn off for me, but if it got me looking at mustangs and i fell in love with an ecoboost SVO, I wouldn't be happy. Overall, though, I an very happy with the way the mustang has been evolving (or regressing) to retro style and specs (like the 5.0 V8) with advancing technology as well.
Logan 04/13/2010
Even look at the HP produced by the Taurus SHO. The V6 output in that thing should put all other V6 vehicles to shame, adding this engine to the Mustang line up could be placed right under the V8 model.
John G 04/13/2010
A right-sized Mustang V8 with advanced technology (EcoBoost or "Twincharging," on-demand direct ethanol injection, and cylinder deactivation) could yield excellent part-throttle fuel mileage AND maintain the wonderful sounds and performance of Ford's storied V8 heritage. And mild hybrid or "start-stop" systems could boost fuel economy even further without hurting Mustang's high-performance. Cutting the number of cylinders is not necessary to meeting CAFE requirements.
Peter Rudd 04/13/2010
Remember the SVT?

I'd like to see one with the 2.0 4 cylinder ecoboost, a manual transmission, handling package, and unique interior materials.

I think they'd sell every single one.
Adam 04/13/2010
One of my all time favorite cars on the road is the V8 mustang. I love that v8 roar and it just screams MUSTANG. EcoBoost while a great engine does not suit the mustang. The 5.0 will have more hp than the ecoboost 3.5 and almost the same mpg.... and it gives me that V8 rumble....
Bill Brasky 04/13/2010
How much less weight does a twin-turbo V6 with intercoolers have vs an all-aluminum V8? I'd like to see some data.
Thomas Ford 04/13/2010
Even an EcoBoost V8 would be wildly popular
Collins 04/13/2010
EcoBoosting the Mustang would not only beat the competition performance wise, but it would attract more customers that didn't see the Mustang as a "true sports car". Camaro/Challenger/Genesis Coupe/370Z all would fall back in sales because most people would now re-think twice about passing on the 'Stang. As they say, "If you build it, they will come."
DCAshmore 04/13/2010
I am generally of the same thought though I would rather not have the V8 supplanted strictly in the name of Fuel economy or issues that most buyers are not going to care a great deal about such as power-to-weight Ratios and balance.
Scott Thompson 04/13/2010
I have had the same thought. I believe it would be just as popular as the Bullet or Mach 1.