Ecoboost the fusion/Milan

Offer two sport models(and include the Milan with the option of a sportier engine and handling), the 3.5L V-6 Ecoboost(and yes call it Fusion SHO), and make a Ecoboost 2.5L 4 banger.A base sport with the 4 and an offering with both a manual and an automatic (maybe offer AWD as an option like the V-6) While it's too late now, develop for next gen Fusion. And while the next Fusion will be based off the Mondeo as part of the world car platforms, it should stand out from the last gen with so new options out there. I would love to have a Fusion sport but I would like to have the option of not having to get a V-6. They don't even have to offer as an sport engine only, place it between the base 4 and the V-6's for the rest of the line-ups.
Ken 06/17/2010
Absolutely! With after market parts you have lots of fun tuning these cars. What it need for real credibility is the Eco Boost as an option.
I have a Zephyr that begs for more power and a better transmission. Outside of that it is a gas to drive against cars that cost double.
If Ford won't do it - GM will (Cadillac 500hp model).