ecoboost ranger

With the new ecoboost line that can get a mustang 300+ HP and 31 MPG. It would make sense to boost the ranger to get over 30 MPG and more HP. this smaller truck has been a great seller due the best in class MPG and can only be made stronger by doing this. Come on! Lose the 4.0 liter gas guzzling dinosaur and the low HP 2.3 liter. Bring the ranger to the future.
123456 06/12/2014
Ford ruined it!! ive always had fords and ive had a ranger and an F150 at once and i love my ranger for work and i was really looking to update and get a new one that i was hoping would be with the new 2.3 ecoboost engine but not anymore!!
Carsten Bo P 11/09/2013
I've got the new Ranger supercab (Here in Denmark) with a 2.2 diesel (150 HP) and 6 speed gearbox, which however needs some pratice to operated smoothly. I would prefere a 2.0 ecoboost (240 HP) and automatic - In the first place I ordered the 3.2 diesel (200 HP) with automatic but the dealer couldn't deliver ;-(. Highway 30 mpg (8 liter/100 km). With our small travel trailer on it will go 22 mpg - which isn't much! I'm going to take off the bed and install a camper.
Larry 11/18/2012
They discontinued it because they were afraid they were losing market share. The intent was that Ranger owners would automatically buy F-150's since the ecoboost gives them better mileage than the Rangers. Ford was wrong! Ranger owners are switching brands in droves to other manufacturers! Had they updated the Ranger they feared that the Ranger would eat into the F-150's sales and loose the market leading share they've enjoyed for decades.
jed 02/12/2012
A Ranger with a eco-boost twin turbo 3.7 would destroy the market. Also Fitsector is right, thousands of businesses depend on small fuel efficient trucks. Ford is making a huge mistake! Hey lets redesign the mustang and make it look like the late 70's one while we're at it!
Brent Mull 11/19/2011
I just don't understand Ford's decision to discontinue the Ranger. I have owned 3 Rangers over the years and loved everyone of them. I have emailed Ford asking them why they discontinued the Ranger. They stated back to me and I quote "We feel the the new engine options for the F150 covers the loss from truck line up". Excuse me!!! Read my lips, I don't want a full size pick up! Chevy, Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Honda and Dodge all have small pick ups. Those automobile company's feel they can make money with those trucks. And then there is the fact Ford is still making a redesigned Ranger in Australia. Come on Ford pull your head out and wake up!! Don't give up on the Ranger in America. This decision is forcing me to buy a small truck other than a Ford. Thank You.
george 10/02/2011
I am disappointed that ford has decided to discontinue the ranger. I guess the toyota tacoma is going to take over the small truck market.
t davis 09/22/2011
Check out the global 2012 ranger crew cab. I have a 2001 sport trac and ford is trying to make me move to australia so I can get a midsize 4dr 4X4. 2012 Ranger and read why it isn't coming to the U.S. Instead of protecting F150 sales, they should protect Ford Sales.
laserman35 08/23/2011
Eco boost a 1.0 liter motor and add turbo. should get about the same hp as the current 2.3 liter motor with 35 MPG hwy and 30 city. I'm in my late 30's and don't care for the extra HP if it ain't going to beat a Mustang anyway. I'd rather drive to work slow and save my gas money for the boat. This power hungry addiction is killing are economy. On average are cars are 40% larger than the rest of the world.
Dennis Murphy 08/15/2011
I love the idae - the 2.0 liter Ecoboost seems like it would fit nicely into the Ranger.
By the way, the Ranger is the *only* truck in it's class - "Compact Pickup Trucks" - It's not hard at all to be the best-in-class when you're the last one left. I think everyone else (Dakota, Colorado, Canyon) has been beefed up into the "Midsize pickup trucks" category
Ann Wilkerson 07/01/2011
I have driven a Ford Ranger since 1988,or should I say 5 different Ford Rangers since then. I will not buy a full size pickup ! Guess I'll have to go with a different company other than Ford. The full size pickups are bigger than I want to drive & they won't fit in my garage. The Ranger was just my sized truck....Bye,Bye Ford if no Ranger !!!
rick latimer 06/28/2011
i love my ranger fx4 level 2 , it would be cool to have more modern version. Iwould be first in line to get one.
Patrick Collins 06/17/2011
So much for the "one Ford" idea that they have been preaching! They are still building products for different markets and the new Ranger is the second new generation Ranger that we have missed in the US.
Fitsector 06/17/2011
Forget about the new Wildtrak ranger, that is a pickup for soccer moms, keep as well the ol´ranger. thousands of small contractors and independtend business relies on this small tough trucks. I dont wan´t blue tooth or those children entertaining amenities, I just want a reliable drive train, a long box and a power house that pulls like hell. Think about it.
Derick Chew 06/12/2011
Ford's decision to discontinue the Ranger in North America is a very sad. They have failed to realize it was the best small/mid size pick up on the market. Even with the outdated push rod 4.0 V-6; it still had the best power to weight ratio in class. All it needed was to upgrade the drivetrain and the interior/amenities. For example: a ranger with a modern diesel or the new 3.5L V-6; or better yet, a Ranger set up just like the Raptor with the new Eco-boost twin turbo 3.7L ! But NO! this decision was probably made by the same "executives", who destroyed the original Taurus and and decided the Taurus needed to go and gave us the 500 and the Probe. It is sad as an American to see the rest of the world can have a Ranger and we can't. I am seriously disappointed....
Robert Todd 06/02/2011
This idea would make the Ranger a world beater. Problem is that Ford dosn't want to build the Ranger. The company quote was that most Ranger buyers were just looking for the cheapest thing on the lot and if we discontinue the Ranger, they would buy a Focus instead. Must be the same guy that messed around with the Taurus enough to make it so un apealing that "the public lost intrest". Must be an accountant