Ecoboost Ranger

Put the new 4 cylinder ecoboost engine in all models of the Ford Ranger! Fuel economy, and power for towing and hauling.
tim a 09/28/2012
Ford Novo Courier available in So. America needs to be modified for US with only a few bells and whistles (auto trans, a/c)and brought here. If Ford offers a compact truck with 25+mpg, a msrp under $14K, they'll sell ---they could even offer them through Home Depot or Lowe's for DIY-types. Fleet managers would also be interested - and they buy in bulk.
Jake J 07/15/2012
It will make the Ford ranger the best compact pickup in North America if paired along with a better aerodynamic design.
Deborah F 05/01/2012
My 1990 XLT Ranger Supercab gets better actual MPG than the latest model. I need a truck but not full size. Don't need or want power windows, electric door locks or XMRadio. Need to drive down skinny roads to trailheads and fishing holes, a tailgate to sit on to remove muddy clothes and a truck bed to put them, the dogs and the kayak. C'mon Ford - build me a new Ranger Super!
William Van Twisk 04/30/2012
Of course it's a great idea--but should be as part of a re-do of that ancient body style. And DON'T make it any bigger. We need a mini-pickup that's quick, manueverable and sporty. --'09 Ranger Owner
Dale S 04/28/2012
Totally Agree. I don't a larger truck 95 % of the time however a truck is very handy. I used to own a Ranger however the furl economy was brutal for the size and for whatever reason. If Ford were to have given the Ranger fuel economy and power relative to the size in comaprison to the full size F150 I would still have one. If they can provide over 20 mpg in an F150 one would think Ford could provide approaching 30 with a Ranger. I fully believe they can but rather won't. Pity!
Al 04/19/2012
Where is the 2012 Ranger?
paul d 04/18/2012
The Ford Ranger is a intro to the Ford line up. FORD CAN'T GIVE THIS MARKET TO THE imports!!!!! Build a eco boost 4 Cyl and a mini Raptor it could be bigger then the Raptor! MSRP $29550.00 The best truck in the world. 3200 lbs 4x4 over 300 hp. 30 MPG
Channing M 04/18/2012
That's what I've been saying!!! Who wouldn't want a truck that gets close to 40mpg? That would be a huge advance in not only as a fleet vehicle, but also as a truck to have around the house. The Ford Ranger out sells the legendary Mustang every year. Don't get rid of that asset. Improve on it!